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Byron Essert celebrates the end of Winter by skating some of his local spots Read More

KTR w/ Alana Smith and friends

February 24, 2014

Check out hoopla riders Alana Smith, Samarria Brevard, and friends... Read More
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New Sebo Walker Video

February 21, 2014

Sebo Walker is a ripper from Oregon who lives in his van outside of Stoner Park on the West Side of Los Angeles. We met up for 2 days in between his "house" getting repairs to film some stuff. Read More
| Posted in Bones Bearings, Videos
Blog Cam #76 - Arizona road trip with Samarria Brevard, Mimi Knoop and friends (part 1). Read More
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Byron Essert: these Days

January 3, 2014

Fun day in Santa Barbara with Byron Essert. Read More
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Bonus Brigade Excerpt Clips

October 21, 2013

We will post a new clip from Bonus Brigade to Youtube, everyday until it's release on October 25th. Read More
Check out Bingaman, Decenzo, Bartie, Hatchell and Cosentino rip the Montreal Empire Backyard Party Read More
| Posted in BONES WHEELS, News, Videos
Woodward West and RIDE Channel have paired up to bring you the Woodward West Shootout, a video contest featuring all of the skate teams that visited Woodward West during the 2013 Summer Camp season. The teams are vying for a $15,000 prize purse which is decided by a fan vote (50%) and expert panel (50%). Voting runs from September 2nd - 6th with winners announced on September 9th. Read More
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July 18, 2013

these wheels team rider Byron Essert talking about the new ATF 327 series. Read More
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