Help Me on Wheel Choice
  • I skate an 8" Powell deck and do exclusively street tricks going really slowly (I'm a 32 year-old beginner) on a pretty bumpy blacktop surface behind my house. I have 99a, 54mm wheels now, which seem to be okay; but can anyone recommend another wheel. 52mm or 53mm dtf, or something?
  • ditch tech formula would probably be your best bet for where and what your skating i think they are more forgiving....... you should find some smooth concrete though, especially when your a beginner it will make learing tricks that much easier, and save yourself some frustration. wheel height is a matter of prefrence. but if your doing street tricks "exclusively" the smaller the wheel the lighter, and easier it is to do flip tricks.
  • Bumpy road=softer wheel.
  • yea i think a soft wheel would be the best way to go
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