Rose Bones ReIssues
  • Will the 36" Rose Bones still be available long term?
    Great boards!
  • the Rose Bones is on our specials page because it is discontinued.

    if you like them you better get stocked up now.
  • Thanks for the reply. Recently bought a total of 4 besides the one I'm riding. These boards work great in all terrain! Better get em while you can.
  • bummer - this is a classic, very functionable as opposed
    to alot of other planks & pigs circulating around out there...
    mine goes great @ Lansdowne, w/some 68mm Bowl Bombers -

    I'll have to order another or 2 for old times sake; Meanwhile,
    I'm SUPA stoked on the upcoming release of the Graffitti Ripper,
    it looks like it's gonna be a real winner as far as dimensions go...
  • they need a graff logo line for the normal powell series
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