Bones Brigade reissue Decks 3rd Colorway?
  • A mate bought these.. had the Lance in my hands last night. Very nice .. I prefer it over the green one.
  • I ended up getting the hawk, guerrero and mountain, and I tell ya's...they look so freakin rad I can't get over it. I'm waiting for the orange cab to drop in one of the aussie skate shops I buy from, ocd monkeys, because they're selling em for $130 free postage, which is cheaper than ordering from skateone with the conversion rates and postage added. My mountain cost about $150+ aussie dollars so hold out I will
  • orange beamer -the final re-issue that is needed .
  • BRITT I would disagree with that. Final re-issues, the chin era shapes.
  • are you Australian ?
  • Sounds more like he's from Missouri
  • Is who Australian?
  • slippery acccc/dccccccc !
  • Had a yard sale to scrape some money together, new Mountain and Hawk ordered from SoCal!
  • I wish they would reissue the old XT decks. I miss those old battle tanks. They were heavy as hell but rode so good. That or somebody should invent a time machine already!
  • imageimageCame across this little puppy. Wheel wells & double kick.... Damn.... surly we can get a bottlenose... just sayin...
  • Haha you make a great point there. Does that say retro 80s skateboard in the top pic? No doubt it won't be long before some start appearing on eBay saying it's a nos super rare tony hawk deck, starting bid - $1,000
  • Yup, it does say retro 80's skateboard.. Lol, I know right.. The sad part is that there will probably be some bids on it too!!!
  • the one on the bottom looks dope
  • It hard the respect the Birdman when he allows his name to be used to sale that level of garbage.
  • McGill did something similar.
  • In one respect I don't have a problem with Hawk or McGill "selling out", I mean Tony has become the Kiss of skateboarding. They are skaters and like many athletes, there is a time clock on their careers, money wise. So finding ways to earn a living while staying in the sport is difficult. On the other hand, it's just one more reason to respect Lance. The guy just wants to be a skateboarder, he makes enough money to support his family, he just wants to skate.

    Always was my favorite skater, always will be. Now of I can just get my black lmfp reissue, I'll be happy.
  • Fingers crossed with that one. There's been a few disappointing moments throughout this, namely the shape of the hawks and mcgills and the lack of snakeskins. Although even if I don't like any of the next set of decks, I'm happy with the ones I have, a green Mullen would be sweet though, I've given up on the snakeskin...but here's hoping you get yours Chris, cmoonnnn black fp!!
  • Hell yea brothas! Hope it ends with a bang!!! C'mon black FP.... Bottlenose... Snakeskin....
  • Anyone else remember when visions were sold at toys r us?
  • No! Bearing in mind where I live in oz toys r us stores didn't start popping up until around the mid 90s
  • It was a little less than a decade ago man, tripped me out to see vision for sale alongside a nash...
  • Yea I suppose I don't really go looking for skateboards in toys r us. If you find me in one of their stores you can bet your life I'll be somewhere near the star wars lego

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