Vallely Reject concave?
  • The Vallely Reject list the concave as FLAT. This is described as:

    "Flat/FLT1 - A flat board, with no kick tail."

    Really? No kicktail or concave at all? It's completely flat? Like a board?
  • its a new shape and a new concave and we are working on getting the specs/description on the website. its basically like the other spoon shapes concave, pretty flat the whole way through but in no way a concaveless (is that a real word?). it does have a kick tail and pretty nice hips at the rear. the dimensions are 9.75 x 30 with a 15.125 wheel base.
  • That sounds better. The Flat/FLT1 ( description on the site sounds scary!

    I'm envisioning something like the old Bug/Ripper (same shape) boneite version - not as deep of a concave all around. Maybe?
  • we actually have a bug boneite chair here in front of my desk and they are exactly the same shape and the concave is almost exact. the boneite deck may have a bit more steep concave right a the rail but its not much as you know.
  • I had a boneite ripper that I loved, so this is going in the shopping cart real soon. If that's how it's concaved, this is just what I'm looking for. Thanks for the info!
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