Anybody skate "famous" spots?
  • Thinking about this last night, how I would have loved to skate a famous spot.  The schools, rails, banks, stuff that we have all seen in videos.  I'm not a big ditch fan, but who wouldn't want to skate Wallows?  Or the court banks we have seen in every PP video?  Or those awesome long steps in the rubber boys segment?  

    Anybody ever hit those spots up...and have pics they might want to share?
  • ive skated lansdowne bowl :P
  • I skated wallows in 85
  • Old school famous or new school famous?
  • Either, I mean the LA High School would be just as cool to skate as Love Park.  
  • in 1985 ! I was living in Hawaii  also skated ala international park !!!!
  • oh I misspelled -wallos ! sorry slippery !

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