independent trucks
  • i see you guys sell indys on the completes for sale.. but not individualy... can i buy some 169's next time i put together a deck and place an order?
  • we dont sell them individually but we are allowed to place them on completes. its just the deal we have with indy. they dont was to set us up as a distributor.
  • that sux. =(
  • oh well........ it would of just made it easier. no big deal i guess.
  • everyone here wants them too. Indy just wont. Indy's with the hardcore bushings are a dream come true.
  • agreed. no better set up than that.
  • Indys are the best trucks made. They have a great history and are still going strong!

    Ill admit i do have my eye on a set of the titanium theeves. I dont feel like a trader considering ive purchased several pairs of indys over the years

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