What wheels on Masonite
  • I've really found the speed I was looking for in my Powell SPF "Racing Stripe" wheels on concrete. Although, they tend to slip a bit on the park, I'm still able to hold my control. Now that the weather is changing and the indoor park is covered in Skate-lite or masonite, I'm thinking my SPF wheels will be too slick. Any recomendation on a set of "indoor" wheels? Any help would be great, Thanks!
  • too bad we are getting rid of DTF's.

    here are three wheels id look at for riding on wood.

    the 56/97 Rippers

    the 60/95 Bowlriders

    and the 64/95 Bowl Bombers

    they are three different sizes but all close to the same dero. i dont know what size your going for but one of those might work for you.
  • I got the 95a Bowl Bombers for masonite & really
    really rough concrete, & the PFs for smooth stuff-
    they're both WAAAY faster than the pool formula
    wheels by skaterbuilt that people hyped on
    alot of different websites...
  • well you will always have the upper hand..... until they ask you what your riding. haha
  • Thanks for the help, I'll look into 'em.
  • right on! if you have any questions this is a good place to ask them
  • you know, it's funny, Jesse, because I do get "what kind of
    wheels are you riding?" quite alot... It's also interesting how
    set in their ways some mindsets are, like, people will ask,
    "hey can I try your board..." ride it around, then say, "yeah
    these are REALLY nice, but I only ride Spitfires" - this, after
    obviously going higher up the wall on the Bombers... DUH!
  • lol ppl ask me to ride my board too but it is too fast for them so they fall all over the place cause i take care of my wheels and they ride just like brand new and i had them since 99
  • Ugh, Spitfires... all image no substance. I've never liked riding Spitfires. They do a hell of a job with their marketing and have a great team... Hell, I've wanted to like them for years, but just can't.
  • you can lead a horse to water but........yep. mindsets are hard to change sometimes. even if say a supercharged pontiac will eat up a Porsche, the Porsche owner will find a reason to disagree the Pontiac is faster. sorry for that analogy but its happened to me before.
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