Freestyle Decks
  • Is there any chance of more freestyle graphics in the future? I'd would love to see the ripper again in the freestyle shape or perhaps the next Harris model.
  • there are only so many freestyle collectors and we feel we have saturated the market. so no plans at this time
  • The Harris beaver in black would be cool.
  • we just restocked with about two hundred more lime green ones.
  • thats alot. i always wondered.. does that deck sell fairly well then? i know there isnt a huge demand for freestyle as much as there is for the regular decks. too bad we cant have the mullen. that board is worth a ton. alot of people want that deck. his fan base is huge even today that guy is creating new tricks. crazy stuff
  • yea that dude is a beast gotta love us east coasters :D
  • i cant really say how well it sells but i can say its not the highest selling deck. yea rodney kills it. that dude is a genius
  • i think this is the harris beaver your talkin about..... this is pretty much everything but the mullen mutt.
  • i think powell collectors and fans would like you to keep the ripper & other harris graphic in mind for future releases I personally 6 kevin harris decks
    2 i skate 4 on the wall
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