moving to Cali in 2 weeks! who has suggestions on skateparks!
  • Moving to SanJose in 2 weeks. I know there is a monstorous Park in frisco. And of course I'm going to Venice that goes without saying.
  • There's a few in Santa Cruz about a half hour away from San Jose. The Ken Wormhount Skate Park there is awesome. Derby Park and there's a wooden park there too.   All close to the boardwalk.
  • colorado not working out for u huh
  • Lake Cunningham
  • Colorado is great. I just really want to be by the ocean. I want to surf. Im over cold winters.
  • haha then i guess ill never see u on the part of the situation is now u can go bug kam in person hahaha
  • Lol right!! Hell yeah Nick! Cali bound! Good luck brotha!
  • carmel valley bowl 22 feet deep and no way out no steps or roll ! genius !
  • Costa Mesa/ Huntington if you wanna do eet rite!
  • I hear Carlsbad has got a new one opening soon
  • Be sure to hit up EMB and Hubba Hideout.

  • hubba hideout is gone
  • Finally arrived.i now officialy live just over 4 hours from the Skateone factory. Cant wait to take a trip over to visit!!!! :)
  • I will go bug Kam in person Bill. Its happening. Kam if your reading this.. im coming over there soon. ;)
  • hahahaha maybe u can film ur skate one adventures
  • I might. ;) btw.. The "ken wormholt skatepark is sick!!!!! And it's 8 blocks from my house. The locals are so rad. Gotta step up my game fo sho. ;) rode a full pipe for the first time. Hella scary! Next time softer wheels are a must. Its so loud and sketchy. Not having any flat is so awkward..
  • if u got facebook what is it
  • Nick Spesia.
  • So.... been here a few days now. #1 everyone here wears a santa cruz skateboard jacket or shirt or hat or something. Everyone! The 60 year old guy at my local 711 wears one. #2 at least 3 out of 5 cars have santa cruz skateboard stickers on them. Its really kind of overwhelming. I didnt see this place being that intense. If you didn't live here you wouldn't think it's that extreme. The place is literaly a time warp back to the mid 80s. I felt uncomfortable skating up to my local 711 this morning. .. wearing my bones brigade jacket, bones hat, riding my lime green lance mountain. 4 out of 6 people in there had santa cruz skate clothing on of some kind.i felt like I was getting stared it in rival turf. May have to start riding my Roskopp around town so I dont get shanked from a local.
  • Haha wearing the wrong gang colors eh?
  • Screw em, do what you want
  • Went to the original Santa Cruz skateshop today. It's amazing. Got an Evil look again as I asked to buy some powell stickers. I felt obligated to get some Santa Cruz stickers so I wouldn't get beat up. They have every oldschool deck. Everyone. Hanging on the wall. Its ridiculous.
  • Really good Santa Cruz article in the latest Transworld.

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