Martinez Tribute shape & Cab's pro shape
  • I wish PP would release the Martinez Tribute shape with a new graphic and Cab's Pro shape with a new graphic.  Both of those decks are great for us "older" bowl skaters.
  • i think it was just a one time deal
  • I'd love to see classic shapes released with no graphic or a generic graphic. That way they could avoid any conflicts with artist or rider. I care less about trashing a certain graphic than I do riding a shape I want like the crest or 7p lmfp.
  • Chris that's a great idea, sorta like a mini-logo version of the classic shapes...except not made in China
  • I don't want the Martinez graphic, I just want the deck shape. I'll take any classic Cab graphic on his modern pro shape.
  • I like the Martinez shape also.  They should keep it in circulation. 

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