How About A Powell " Cab Chinese Dragon " Shape With Modern Concave and Dual Kick?
  • Just a thought, but I would snap one up in a second. I am thinking a Future Primitive graphic would be perfect. Maybe 10" at the widest x 31" / 32" long with a steep tail and steep nose. The only game in town with this type of deck configuration right now is SC and Elephant off the top of my head. Heck, they could also just reissue the Cab Mechanical Dragons again.
  • I have been saying this for a long time.  Cab Chinese Dragon K15.
  • Exactly! This thing would sell out so damn quick. If they made it with that color changing pearl hue it would be crazy awesome.
  • chinese cab dragon kicktail was already done it was a 7.75
  • I was refering to the old schools Cab Chinese Dragon shape.
  • All they would have to do is add an inch to the nose.
  • would be kind of weird

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