new shapes
  • I like the middle shape.
  • yea it is dope
  • I can't read the sizes, the one on the far left looks fat. The middle one looks the most fun.
  • What are the sizes, stop toying with me!!!!! These do look very promising....
  • yea i tried but can only read the words
  • So are these shapes just Powell boards or Minilogo as well?
  • Color this guy interested! Now, make one of them a snakeskin McGill and kill two birds with one deck!
  • powell-peralta shapes im pretty sure
  • Aren't the three middle ones just the fun shapes they've been putting out in 8.4 inches?
  • I will welcome anything but a Popsicle. I hope they do more "mechanical dragon" style shaped decks with modern concave/double kick. Basically old/new school hybrid decks.
  • I finally got a few hours in with the Tree Trimmer deck in today. Wow! The first deck that uses 149's that works well for me. PP must offer this shape again. Perfect wheelbase, size and concave for this old guy. I was pulling slappys, boardslides and even got a rock and roll today.

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