• At agenda skateone had a big poster advertising the new bones V5 wheel.  Any info?  
  • it is kind of like this imageimage
  • More conical, wider riding surface? Larger size STF?
  • imageseems like it image
  • If you have skated the Bones or Powell Peralta SPF/PF Rat Bones II shaped wheels it's the same shape.
    They had previously only made this shape in 54-60mm SPF's, Powell Peralta PF's and 1 pair of 54mm Bones STF wheels (the Skatopia ones).
    Now they are available in STF's in sizes all the way down to 51mm. Nothing that new, just a mm size variance and more variety for the fan of STF's, but it's the same Rat Bones II shape overall. 
  • I saw a pair today, and the overall shape reminded me of the SPF slim shape.  The wheels I saw were STFs.  Was the STF available in the slim shape before (I don't think it was, but I could be wrong)?  The V5 shape looked cool. 
    (I ride SPFs and DTFs in the slim shape and really like 'em). 

  • Wish they came in 58's or 60's in the STF
  • The only 2 STF wheels that have been in that shape before are the Barrier Kult collab 56mm STF's and the Skatopia collab 54mm STF's. It's cool they now have gone to those in between sizes - 51,53,55mm as opposed to the 54,56,58,60mm of the SPF's. I can see why some dudes would be pissed that there isn't a 58mm STF though. The demand just isn't high enough though. If you're looking for a harder than DTF 58mm wheel try the Mini Logo wheels, they have a 99a 60mm wheel, same shape. Just wear them down to 58's. =P

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