I may have to buy an elephant...
  • ...deck. Check out this new shape. Rad!   It's 9.75 x 32 with modern concave.
  • Nice shape, shame it has a small nose...

  • I bought a Street Axe about a while back. Good board.
  • I've thought about it too. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, but it's a shame P/P is doing shapes like this. I still think I'm going to give the uncut blanks a go
  • they are pretty rad. he has some sick graphics as well. even though they are re hashes of stuff we have seen before. great shapes and bright colors. 
  • imageimageimage
    It's 31.5 inches long and has a 15 inch wheel base.  Another rad shape with modern concave.

  • posted image wrong
  • New Elephant selection was posted on SoCal website yesterday. Some pretty interesting ones up for this run.
  • The black street axe is rad and I really like the shape of the dresden.  My favorite shape is the white black flag, but I'm not a fan of the band.
  • I'm seriously considering the street axe.. Nose looks pretty damn pointy tho..
  • I gave in and bought the black street axe and the Dresden.
  • Nice! Let me know what you think of em, the street axe in particular
  • I almost bought the Elephant " There is a light " deck just because it is my favorite Smith's song. Perhaps I will have to find one.

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