Check out my Hosoi grip!!!
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    Check out my Hosoi re-issue. His deck is on the right mine is on the left. I tried to re-create his original grip job tape job on the very first hammerhead he hand shaped
    back in the day.I think i got pretty close..its tougher than i thought it was going to be. complete with indy's, bullet wheels, bones bushings,bearings and vision rails.
  • Rad! I just ordered the white Hammerhead OG reissue from SoCal. Description says it has square rails and flat concave like the OG. Which reissue do you have Nick?
  • Its the most recent hammerhead with wheel wells. Bought it last summer. Maybe there is a new one but. .I dont think so.
  • What size indys do you have on it? I am going to put some pink reissue oj hosoi rockets on mine.
  • 169's the only truck I skate. ;)
  • Do you only skate old school shapes now Nick?

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