An Open Letter To The Good Folks At Powell Peralta
  • If anything, I have a good feeling about future boards from Cab and McGill.........snakeskin and Ban This wise.......I'll still hold out hope for the Chin Hawk boards....
  • If he can put his name on a krooked deck why not a PP?? Hopefully...on another note, man I'm itching to see the next set of bones brigade reissues
  • Your totally right slippery, this is where l get confused with the whole deal. I wonder if George is giggling in his office thinking..."wait till these boys see the next reissues! They're gonna swalling their tongues!"
  • There ya go Casta.. it was read first before being deleted.
    Standard company response to a common letter &/or questions is all I see.
    R&D is busier than ever because there are more competition & companies in the market, than ever before.
    Even though the reply says they are relatively free to reissue McGill decks, imo forget about the Snakeskin, it aint gonna happen. Buy a nos or used one while you can. The nos/used version will feel better in your hands than your dicks already do.

  • Oh my god, that thing is perfect. Great shape for a double kick deck...I have to get one only i can't decide between white or black #firstworldproblems
  • Cool! I just got a Krooked Hosoi guest just to get this shape on a dual kick.
  • Hey Dale what's the dimensions of that it similar width, length etc to the hawk crooked deck?
  • that Hosoi is nice..
  • I have not received the Krooked Hosoi yet. It was shipped USPS Mule Express. ;)
  • The Krooked Hosoi came in today. I will take some pics and get the specs tonight. I still can't post any damn pics on this site.
  • they took away the toolbar over the weekend so u gotta paste the html link now
  • OK. I guess I could post it to my FB wall and then put the link up here.
  • As promised, here is the pic of the Krooked Hosoi guest deck. I put it next to the Hawk deck just for comparison. Here are the specs based on my tape:
    1) 9 1/8" wide x 31 /4" long
    2) 6" nose and 6 3/4" tail
    3) 14 3/8" wheelbase
    4) 2 3/8" from front nose truck holes to middle of the first scoop in on the bottlenose
    5) 6 1/2" from back truck holes to the middle of the " fish tail
    6) 7 5/8" width at narrowest point ( essentially right across the front bolt holes of the back truck.

    Here is the pic.
  • Awesome dude thanks...far out it narrows down a bit!
  • IMHO, better than the new Hosoi double kick ( except I would like a 15" wheelbase ).
  • The Hosoi Cadillac is a nice board, 15"wb with a 9.25 width
  • I would take the 16" wheelbase of the new double kick hammerhead and just shave the deck down width wise.

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