Lance Mountain Brigadier
  • Does anyone have one of these boards? I am curious but on the fence about getting one. I know they are listed as 9.5" but the deck loks like it tapers down quite a bit towards the tail.

    If you have one, how did you find it to ride, is it a big old tank or quite a good ride?
  • I have one. I use Indy 169's with Rat Bones 2 at the skate park. Very comfy board. I had to cut 1" off my rails so they would not lap over the wheel wells. Tail tapers nicely and could easily take 159's if you wanted.
  • You must have a good collection of boards Dale, you should post a pic in the What I'm Riding thread!

  • I will! Unfortunately I just had my ACL reconstructed, so I won't be using them for a few months.

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