Skating bowls on a reissue

edited March 2014 in Powell-Peralta®
Anyone tried to skate bowls on a reissue? I have been trying to make the switch from my double kick k15 ban this deck with SPFs to a Chinese dragon reissue with 90a Rat bones. I have more fun and feel more youthful on the reissue, but pumping and carving is easier with the SPFs. I think the Chinese dragon deck looks wrong with modern wheels and only the rat bones fit that deck correctly. I wish they would make the rat bones in a true 97a. It's a strange feeling to drop in and do 50-50s without a kick nose, it sometimes feels like your front foot is going to slip off.


  • I feel you on that one. My foot has come off a few times and I have the bruised ankle to prove it. It's always on a Smith grind because I got used to pushing into the cup of the nose.
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