butterfly/barbwire pics!!!!!
  • heres a picture of the 2 butterfly/barbwire prototypes that were never made. i know not everyone on the forum has seen em. only picture ive ever seen is this one in the book "disposable" so here you go. looks like a good candidate for the next "reject" graphic? especialy the one on the right in blue. looks similar to the vallely reject shape.
  • I dunno if we're missing anything having never seen that release. I wouldn't want that. Just my opinion of course.
  • that baby blue one has a nice shape
  • a vallely in that color would be dope
  • i dig it. not everyone will. and mostly i wanted everyone who hasnt seen it... to check it out.
  • that was the first time for me. thanks for sharing
  • id like to see a book come out of every powell graphic ever made
  • No prob. i also got a picture of an original sketch by vcj in black and white of the vallely reject from the same book with full story behind it. il post when i get a chance.
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