Elbow pad help.
  • Over the course of my life I have dislocated my left elbow three times, fractured it once.  I was told I need to have reconstruction, but tried rehab instead.  My biggest fear now is when I fall and need to catch myself with my left arm, especially falling backwards, my elbow will pop.  I was looking at elbow pads...something I have never worn.  I need a pad that will both protect the elbow itself but also help prevent my arm from over extending.  Anybody have any experience with this?
  • Hyper extending .. ouch
    What about a wrist guard as well?
  • I'd wear a brace under your pad. I had to do it with a knee for awhile after I buggered it up.
  • I only wear Killer 187 pads and helmets. They are the least restricting and provide great protection.

    A little bulky but you'll never hurt yourself. 

    You can measure yourself and they'll customize the fit for you..

    Ive been wearing them since 1987 and I would never buy another brand. 

    They offer a few different models these days if you don't wanna go full out huge on size

  • I gotta agree on the PD's, big but safe and comfortable.

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