Mini Logo 101A Wheels
  • Has anyone on here skated these? I wanted to know how they would perform on skatelite, grippy or slippy?
  • i skated minilogo 101a for a long time they are good rather it be masonite or street they are super fast and i dont skate anything less than a 101a
  • How hard are your Pavement wheels and do they grip well on skatelite?
  • 101a and they are absolutely amazing on everything
  • all i got left are 50s,54,56mm
  • What do they sell for and do you have a website?
  • $25 + $5.80 for shipping and the website is
  • I have the A cut 55s, but have not skated on Skatelite. The mini logos have plenty of grip in the concrete bowls I skate and are fast. In the slick wooden bowl they didn't quite have enough, although it could be because I hadn't worn the treads off yet. I picked up some 56mm Formula 4 99s for indoors and have been happy, but use the Mini Logos outside in the concrete because they are faster and have good enough grip.
  • let me know if u want to get a set

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