Nose bone help
  • I attached a nosebone to my cab reissue deck...problem is when looking at it from the top of the seems to be sticking out a bit on the ride side...let it go or fix it?
  • Should'nt hurt anything that way. If it bothers your eye though fix it. Just to clarify you mean a jawbone or a nose bone, cause a NOSE bone might not conform to the nose shape, but a jawbone should fit under the board and not hang out over the edge.
  • its a nosebone...I don't how I would fix it...would need me to require re drilling no? which i dont want to do
  • yeah I would just leave it rather than re drill
  • agreed. leave it. or.......... re-drill it if you wanna re-grip and only if the new hole is not too close to the other hole. ive made that mistake before and i was able to fix it once by re-drilling and the nose bone covered up the other mistake hole (and wasnt too close and didnt widen it) but.... one time i could not,and had to leave it. i found that when putting nosebones on you really gotta kinda squeeze em tight and mark the holes. its trial and error..... but after putting on a bunch youll get better at it. i made a template for my jawbone cuz i was building alot decks with em..but nose bones you really cant cuz they contour to whatever shape your mounting em to.
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