Where is the Summer catalog?
  • Let us see it!
  • not officially summer yet :P
  • McGill pi..

    ahh never mind
  • I think the Doc wants a McGill pig. LOL
  • i think that can be arranged
  • The summer catalog is here
  • Still nothing in regards to the Welly or Barbee reish loaded on the site.
    I cant see that bones & roses deck either.

    Kam, any updates when it will be available?
  • probably will take some time
  • Doc, the Bones and Roses looks like it has a pointy nose with a pop tail. I assume since it's a funshape it will have two wheelbase options.
  • This is the Funshape I've been riding the most. It's almost done, all the half-scale prints are approved. Should be up within the next week or two. This board will work for all terrains.

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