• Which bb video is number 5?? The series seems to go from number 4 to number 6.
  • i would have to say its...... "ban this"
  • Number 5 is called Axe Rated. It was a shop video only and never available for sale to the public.
  • oh yeah thats right.. it was only like 10 minutes long or something..yeah u couldnt buy it and it was super short. not sure what the point of that was..does that really calssify it as the "5th" bones brigade video???
  • Technically no, I don't think it should be video #5.....but it is. It is 17 minutes long, basically it was just an infomercial for skateshops to play on in-store TVs. It had some stuff cut from Animal Chin, and some cut stuff from Public Domain. There was a spot with some of the team riding in an in-door park, not the BB park though.

    I have one that a friend of mine, who worked at a local shop, gave me years ago. It has a cover that has a hand signed COA on the back with George and Stacy's signature on it. It's a cool collectors piece, but that's about it.
  • yeah worth it for just the signatures alone... for sure.
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