Mini Cubics
  • Are these here to stay?
  • maybe someone can correct me on this but.. i bought a set and they stick waaaaaaaaaaaay out. too far. i dont remember them being like that. they seem to be a different mold than the originals??.. i dont have an original set to compare em with....anyway. just wondering. i could be wrong.
  • I think they are just big ass wheels Nick! But yeah they may have changed the mold.
  • yeah i dont like em much..its funny that they are called "mini" cuz..... they are the size of softballs. well they look cool mounted to my skull and sword re-issue hanging on the wall. thats about where that story ends.. cuz i dont see myself ever skatin those things. oh well... lets have them crossbones!!!!!
  • the molds are the same as the old ones and havent changed over the years. my coworker bought a set of the og ones off ebay in turquoise and they are the same shape. Gunk, they are here to stay.
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