• I'm currently looking at an old deck on ebay and I want to get it setup if I win it, I only ride Indys but the board has old hole pattern and new Indys don't, are Trackers a good alternative to use fit the pattern? People tell me Trackers "don't turn"
  • old school tracker six tracks are great trucks./ either with or with out the plastic baseplates. i think they are better made/ look better/ and ride better than the new trackers... thats just me.
  • Hey Nick (or anyone) what do you think of Tracker Darts??
  • i got a set on my mullen. i havent really skated that board though. its just hanging on the wall
  • Nick,

    What size/type of wheels are you using on your Mullen? Got any pics?
  • yep. sure do. =)
    the trucks are tracker darts. the wheels are powell freestyle 95a's, bones swiss bearings, tracker risers, stock tracker bushings, tail bones.. the freestyle wheels are the later models, i think like mid to late 80's? they have a cool lookin skull graphic on em. the darts are a newer style, they have a 6 hole baseplate. i couldnt find a good pair of vintage trackers on the bay.. i dont really ride it.. thinks its only been off the wall 3x. its not nos.. has scratches on it but they are minimal.
  • still looks good
  • that red colorway looks so sick!
  • Yup - Pretty Cool.
  • thanx guys. much appreciated.
  • lets see some pogos! haha
  • i skated it once and tried a casper and put a small chip in the side....then i hung it back up on the wall where it belongs. a freestyler i am not =(
  • Nick,

    I see your running a tail bone on the front and back of that Mullen. I've never been into Freestyle boards, but is that the standard set up? Nose too narrow for a nose bone or jaw bone?
  • yes. that is the standard set up. it was typical to have tailbones on front and back. look at any old pics of mullen or harris skating those boards and youll see they got em on front and back.
  • Thanks. Now I have to find two matching 5.75" tail bones and decide on color... What goes good with lime??
  • pink would look sweet on that board. nice contrast to the lime. perfect 80"s color combo. you can find em on ebay usualy,thats how i got mine.
  • Yeah, pink seems highly available online. Also thought about yellow, green or white. My son is five, so I don't think he would dig the pink. Wheels will be black rat packs. From the pictures it is hard to tell exactly what the bottom color is. Not sure if it is yellow or green...
  • the bottom of the deck is lime green kinda yellowish tinge to it..i have one on my wall. it looks really nice in person, you will like it when you get it. its not as bright as the green vallely they had for a while but it looks really good. yeah maybe yellow then, or white would be a good contrast.. forgot its for a 5yr old...pink may not go over so well =)
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