Bones Brigade Video Show SE
  • I know there was talk before of a Bones Brigade Video Show special edition dvd like the Animal Chin special edition with all sorts of bonus footage. Is that something that's still going to be produced?


  • Is there a lot of extra footage in the animal chin se? They must have tons of out love to see that stuff. Would be awesome to see the same from the video show. O
  • I think there is about an hour of extra footage, including a documentary. It's a must have for sure.
  • wow... i didnt know that. crap! i might have to buy that now.. =(
  • You won't be disappointed. There is also a running commentary version on the DVD where they pulled off getting the ENTIRE TEAM and Stacey together to provide commentary.
  • we are workin on it guys!
  • thats pretty rad =)
  • yeah the commentary is so funny when they rip on their old threads!
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