Laser Cut Grip Tape
  • I ran across a site called, that claims to be the only shop that carries Powell Peralta laser cut grip tape. Is this really the only place that sells it?
  • yep. as far as i know. thats actualy a good site/ buddy carr tail tap.
  • Bummer. It looks great, but for $14 plus $11 S&H, it's a little steep for grip tape I was hoping to find a one stop shop for everything, but looks like I'll have to part out some of things for my Kevin Harris.
  • it is pricey but.. that board should be fairly easy to cut a sheet yourself. the shape is very basic. you will have plenty of extra left. its a small board.
  • Yeah, shouldn't be a big deal to grip that board. I did like the nice oval cut out for the top graphic. I think I'll try printing out an oval that I can trace onto the back of the grip tape and then cut it out first.
  • too much time on my hands i guess, but i like the way it looks on my 8.75" ray bones...
  • Or you can use a clear bag and trace the top graphic then trace it on the back of the grip tape, cutout and this is what you got!
  • Back in the day I used to go to Bud's in Huntington Beach, CA and they would to the trace and then use the cut out to make a clear piece to put into it.
  • I was going to post about the laser cut grip available at Tailtap, but I see that there is an old thread already. But, since they seem to have Mike V laser cut grip and the Elephant decks are probably pretty popular right now, I thought it was worth another mention.

  • My wife bought me mine for X-mas.As I understand the Mike V and Frank Underhill models are the only ones available.I can do a trace outline and post it here if anyone is interested.

    (edit: was thinking of Frankie Hill not Ray Underhill )(my bad)
  • The pics above are from the Tailtap site. I'm pretty sure they meant Ray Rodriguez vs. Ray Underhill.
  • love the lazer cut grip, especially on the pig shaped decks

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