So this is what I skated today!
  • Yeah it was a great day!
    Sweet X Games quality Vert Ramp
    Insane Backyard Bowl.
  • yeah the scene here is really blowing up!
  • yea that is good... where are u from again nc!?!?
  • yeah man NC
  • yea that bowl looks familiar i think it is the infamous bowl of nc haha
  • Bill your probably thinking of this one. Tony's bowl in Pitsboro. Emerica I think did it's wild ride tour last summer, stopped here and Colin Provst ripped this thing. Every Fall, they have the Chatamn County Showdown here. Camp out party and skate all night, till the bowl gets covered in trash and beer!
  • man that looks fun!
  • Damn bill that is the same bowl. Haha that pic was taken by my buddy Jay Smith. He uses the handle Jay Rock because people always assume he is Jay Smith from Powell! benb the farm ramp was sick huh?! The vert ramp and the bigger bowl(in height not area) in the first post are both in Clayton NC just east of Raleigh. Yeah our new park is gong to open in like a month. Check this blog for some pics:
  • yea i recongized the bowl from myspace cause there is this thing called pink crack magazine that covers the nc scene (i live in maryland) the chick in the pic is my buddy steph from skatepark of baltimore organization
  • Yeah I've skated with the Pink Crack crew. Staci killed this pool back in the fall when they were by on their way to NY
    Check out my buddies web site for our "old guy crew" I'm same user name there also.
  • the bowl i sk8 isnt nearly as cool as that one... but its pretty rad/ 6 foot.
  • Nice Nick that is sick looking!
  • Yeah NC is getting good. All 4 of those bowls/ramp are within an hour of here and the city park will be done in a month. We also got 4 other smaller but still nice parks in the area as well, so there is a lot of stuff to skate here!
  • yeah its pretty awesome. its vacant in the summer but its THE spot here in chicago where it drops down to 30 below zero in the winter you have to skate indoors. it just gets so packed now,it gets soooo crowded..but i dig it its my favorite spot to skate. cool park.. people there are really cool. ive known the owner since the 80's heres a pretty cool guy.
  • image

    here is the bowl at my local park this was before it was masonited etc etc
  • sweet bowl bill. Reminds me of the autumn bowl in NY
  • yeah it almost looks like a ditch. gotta weird shape.. looks really mellow.. which i like. i dont ride vert. anything over 6ft.. i get a little weary.. cuz im old.
  • the bowl is at charmcityskatepark
  • the bowl is only 4 feet
  • Bill how is the scene at Charm City? I'm a B-more local, but I usually stick to Landsdowne - I find it's pretty chill there, never really too crowded - but a little too inclement obviously this time of year!
  • it is pretty good we are all a family there gets crowded during the winter and summer months i think u would have a good time
  • this thread rocks guys. we should have a full thread of what we ride on the regular with photos. or just keep this one going....
  • These are the three public parks I ride most often:
    Project 58 in Raleigh with my buddy Jay Smith on a tailblock!
    YDG in Graham NC me FS air hip to mini
    SK8 Cary in Cary NC where I teach, Me Airwalk
  • look at all that steeze
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