Vallely Farm board & Popcicle Vcj Elephant
  • We need to reissue these there was a very small run in 93-94. Mike himelf sold these out of his persnal collection on ebay.
  • id like a barnyard myself. bring it.
  • hey nick how do you post post pictures again?
  • the way i did it is..... set up a free photobucket account. then..pull pictures off your harddrive from the account main page. pull them from your "pictures" file or from whre ever u store them. then.. on the image on your phototbucket mainpage.. there is an option called "image code" hold the mouse over the image code/click im not sure which.. until it says "copied" then copy and paste the image to the forum.. you HAVE TO HAVE THE BBCode SELECTED on the bottom of the forum comments in order for it to show up as an image.
  • i used to think the bbcode thing was short for bones brigade code haha
  • UM...... IT IS =)
  • if u cant get it jess... u can email me the pics il post em, its no prob.
  • image/d81/sk8punkjer/1681973265_e74d814image3bd.jpg
  • image81973265_e74d8143bd.jpg
  • There I finally got it right ! Here is what they look like.
  • Hey sk8punk nice collection!
  • nice. im diggin that barnyard. 8.5" with k15 concave would be sweet with that graphic.
  • rocking! thanks Nick and sk8punk.
  • Yes, re-issue these with the coloured Winged Ripper for the top graphic.:)
  • And like in the last thread about this, if you do it 8.5, gotta use Hawk 's old Pictograph mold.....or stick with
    popsicle.........l just want that board...:)
  • agreed. its a piece of history. must have.
  • Isn't the Barnyard a World ripoff though? Seems like Powell would want to keep away from Cease and Desist letters now that they're on the upswing again.
  • hard to say. world industries not being the most organized and professional run company as it is, that ripped off a million other images in thier time shouldnt by all rights care but... i dont know on that one. i think as long as mark mckeever and vallely agree on it shouldnt matter. f**% rocco he's a tool =)
  • World Industries has that red cartoon looking dude as their icon, so l'm sure they wouldn't care about the Barnyard.
  • we ripped World. they did it first and then we just did it better
  • yeah Powell owned World in the rip battle! And Nick I agree rocco is a piece of S@#T
  • yea that was when all the companies were just ripping each other off it was a funny time obviously
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