Set up my Mcgill
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    Got some Indy's powder coated. Can't wait to ride this bad boy!
  • nice!!! where did you get the iny's powdercoated at? or did you u do it with a rattle can? i like the indy sticker over the re-issue print. well done =)
  • as long as its "post your mcgill day"..heres mine :

    i had a yellow tail,nosebone, and orange thin ribs on it.. but it wasnt doin it any i added the green ribs an such that i got for xmass..only thing that sux is the 2 holes above the rails now but..when its hangin up u cant see em. maybe il slap some stickers over em..well see.
  • Wow thats funny, i have one of each posted the same colors.

  • nice =) ... whos next??? anyone???
  • only one I got. It's shredded but original.
  • I had them powder coated through a friend that actually goes through the process.
  • nice stuff noskool =) yeah i like the way those indys look powdercoated, reminds me of the magnessium trackers.
  • epic thread guys.

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