Silver color Bones Swiss
  • I spotted a set of Bones Swiss with a silver color shield. Does anyboby know if these were before or after the Gold shields?
  • im goin with after... thats my guess
  • Would you happen to know what year or years the Gold shields were used?
  • all the way up to 1999...then the black bones swiss were introduced
  • With this being ya'lls 25th anniversary for Bones Swiss, would this say the Gold shield began in 1984?
  • possible..... but i wanna say ....and im not sure..but bones swiss were around in one way or another before even that.
  • 80's were still silver shields. the golds were introduced in the 90's and like bill said ran until 99.
  • the Silver shields ran from the 1980's till 1994, Golds for the next 5, then we changed the ball retainer and to a non contact rubber shield.
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