Frankie Hill Bulldog
  • Just a question, was Frankie Hill's re-issue board released in any other colour besides black and white?
  • it has been white for the last couple of years
  • its has just been done in black and white. yea it would be nice for it to go to a stained or a natural finish
  • i think blue,orange,green would look good for it or even red
  • yea, red would look nice
  • I think it would good stained, blue, and with the Clint Eastwood graphic. IMO.
  • Yeah red would be cool, but l've alway's been a fan of natural. Purple stain would be good too.
  • Could we see the Hill Bulldog on a 8.5inch popsicle by any chance in the next catalogue?
  • i will pass on the request
  • Thank's Soc, put it with the Snake skin and Barnyard request's.
  • Is it possible that we will see the Bulldog in a different color next catalog??
  • How is Frankie Hill these days? Any word?
  • Still skating, live's in Santa Barbara making denture's. I seen some footage of him that was dated 2003, was still killing it. Wouldn't it be good to have the Bulldog on an 8.5inch by 32.5inch long popsicle????? Hint, Hint!!!

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