San Francisco Skate Shops ? ? ?
  • I know this has nothing to do with Skate One Customer Support, except perhaps that I might be buying a Powell Board.. Now my Question, Can anyone here suggest a skate shop or shops that I could check out in San Francisco? I prefer a place that caters to Old School. My girlfriend and I are flying up there from L.A. next weekend and Im out of the loop as far what"s going on in S.F. Skate Wise - THANK YOU All.
  • Skates on Haight (street) - one of the oldest & best shops anywhere,
    they got a great selection & cool service (plenty of Skate One stuff to
    choose from)- have fun!

    ps- in the unlikely event you 2 take a SF "Duck" tour, tell Captain Richard
    Biolos that "Cowabunga Dude" says hello, he'll know who you're talkin'
    about. His nephew Matt owns LOST Enterprises, maybe he can hook ya
    up w/a surfboard deal back in SoCal... or at least a sticker, he's usually
    got a bunch on hand.
  • thanks man, the trip was fun and the shop was a great suggestion. I won't however EVER walk through Golden Gate Park ever again, those hippie tweekers scared the hell out of me.
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