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  • So I'm running a set of Bones Reds in my Rat Bones II wheels on an original set of Tracker Ultralights. The bearings bolt up against the metal endcaps of my copers, but since the copers are a little out of shape, I need the bearings to snug up to the endcaps to keep the copers from falling off. Problem is, if I snug them up too much, then the bearings can't spin freely. Is there a way to isolate the inner bearing race with washers and/or do I need to use spacers between the bearings? Seems like maybe a washer the same size as the inner race would do the trick, if combined with spacers...
  • bearings spacers in my opinion are a great thing to have in your wheels but i dont know if they would help your situation. they tend to lock the inner races so the bearing does what its meant to do and that is spin around the inner race. plus they also keep you from over tightening your bearings.
  • The speed washers would work, but Jim bro you need to drop the copers and get metal on metal!
  • gotta hurt that coping!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'd focus more on a different alternative to keep the copers in place. Zip ties?
  • craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy glue
  • Welding!?
  • Welding... That's funny, I happen to be a certified welder. Can't loose those copers though, might get scratches on my mint Trackers!
  • Oh yeah if they are mint Tracker, then don't F@#K em up! The Zip tie idea is actually quite good.
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