• Am curious how many on this forum have purchased anything from Todd Twist in the UK. Is he a straight seller?? Im looking at getting some gorilla ribs from his store and would be keen to know anyones experience with him.
  • I bet Nick's got the answer :)
  • yep. hes all good. i bought alot of stuff from him actually. good seller. nice stuff
  • Nick to the rescue!
  • im like a superskatehero.... kinda.....not really though..so much. =)
  • Where is his store? ebay?
  • Yeah its on ebay. If you enter a search ebay for powell rib bones it will show in the results. I got a set yesterday. Once paypal converts the currency it comes to about $21.
  • Yeah i snagged a set. Thanks. Wish i had something nos to put them on but they are a cool addition to my stuff. Thanks for the heads up! OOO
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