Stamped Numbers On Powell Peralta Decks
  • Riddle me this, Boneheads!!
    What do those stamped numbers between the front truck holes mean?

    Are they:

    A) Serial/Production Number
    B) Code for a specific shape

    I know that C or a 2 stamp means that it was not totally up to par.
    I have 5 original Barbee Ragdolls, all the same shape, different colors, and with different numbers stamped on each.
    BUT, I also have 2 original Barbee Hydrants, same shape, different colors, both with identical numbers.

    What gives?
  • lot number and shape number.

    we havent used the C or 2 stamp in a long time. the blems or 2nds are now stamped with BLEM below the lot and shape numbers

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