• Just wondering if there is a difference between SPF and PF wheels. Some wheels say spf and others just pf. Whats the difference??
  • not sure if there is a true difference in formula, but yeah in riding them there is a difference. Not to say the PF is bad, just feels more like a 99a wheel than off the charts hard like SPF. I find the PF is good for crete and Skatelite where the SPF RULES RULES RULES crete, but can be slick on Skatelite especially indoors.
  • they are two different formulas. one is for BONES WHEELS and the other is for Powell wheels
  • So what would you reccomend for someone who mainly rides concrete bowls, plywood ramps and skatepaks??
  • Paul I LOVE SPF's and I ride crete, outdoor skatelite and plywood with them and they rock. On indoor parks that can get slick, the SPF is a little slippy for me and I use the DTF's for that.
  • hey Paul Bound - check out forums page 11, 8th post down:
    a few wheel tech questions
    it's a little redundant, but might help answer your question a
    little more. I ride the 64mm bowl bombers mostly, due to the
    size & shape - the (newer) pfs are just as hard as the spfs, just
    marketed more to classic dudes & dudettes, 'stead of groms &
    grommettes ...
    least that's the way I understood it?
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