Future of the Barbee.
  • Sorry to start another subject on this but i dont think SOC was going to see my question in my other thread. What are the future plans for the death angel? Will it be around for a while? Will you change the color? Just got one and i love it. Need to know if i need to buy a few just in case you guys stop production. Thanks OOO
  • Isn't that a board that only came in black originally? Not that they can't change the rules and all that... Everything looks better on pink and fluorescent green, right?
  • Yeah i thought about that too. I think they re did the vallely elephant in colors they never released, no? I could be wrong. Would be interesting in a different color.
  • thanks Zowenso i saw your post on the other thread and didnt get the chance to reply. the plans are still in the air about that deck as far as i know. if i find out anything you all will be the first to know.
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