just a compliment to SkateOne.
  • Today, my cousin was in need of new wheels and bearings for his board, so I took him down to the skateshop by his house. In San Diego, where he lives, there should be tons of old-school skate stuff, being south california, so i got him some reds and 85a Rat Bones, same setup i have. He was completely blown away with the quality of the products and the way they rode. So, thanks a lot for providing top-tier skate material, you make people happy!

    (And he had never even heard of powell, or bones, or skateone. now he should be a returning buyer.)
  • That's always the way ~ quality always stokes people out.

    Imagine how pumped he would have been to get those Rat Bone 85a wheels in ANY COLOR BUT BLACK!!!!

    Been a while since I kicked that around. Didn't want SOC to get restive. Grin.
  • that makes us happy Jibbyjub! thanks for the kind words!
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