• a valid point has been brought up.. and its..if you skate.. you probably eat cereal.. they go hand in hand..its common sense. so what do you scarf down before a heated session? ( IM GOIN WITH FRUITY PEBBLES>>OR CINNIMON TOAST CRUNCH) =)
  • Probably Cocoa Pebbles. We've got some generic Fruity Pebbles up in here. I'm starving this morning, but that isht tastes like packing material.
  • peanut butter puffs
  • mmm... probably honey combs. or maybe fruit loops. yeah, probably HC's.

    Edit: would be sunrise cereal, it was the best. I was really sad when they discontinued it.
  • kix,trix,original cheerios,occasionally fruitloops and cookie crisp
  • LIFE (Regular Flavor)

    I mix it up sometimes with the Cinnamon Flavor when I need a head change
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