• did this book already come out and i missed it?
  • I put an order in for one. Kam finally called the other day and told me they had one for me. Call Kam.
  • got my copy yesterday and i'm duly impressed...

    even made in the USA!!!

    super cool....thanks KAM!!!
  • it's a book there is no reason for it to not be made here lol
  • thats pretty funny actualy... =)
  • "it's a book there is no reason for it to not be made here lol "

    Disposable is made in China...
  • holy $hit. your right. i just looked at it. "ginko press in china" now thats really funny.. actually its kind of sad. oh well.
  • The first run went to all the artists for participating, i had a few left so I sent them to those who asked me. We ran out after one day on the web site. I have the next run of the softcovers coming in today and the hardcovers at the end of the week. We are having them made here locally, so it adds to the price since our runs are small compared to having them done abroad.
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