Will George ever have a pro-model deck?
  • I think it's great the Powell-Peralta issued the first ever board for a photographer. Which led me to wonder if George will ever have HIS own board. I think a George Powell Pro Model would be sweet.
  • Did George ever skate Pro?
  • He's been placing well in AM contests for years now, when you guys gonna turn him pro?!?

  • yea i think a limited release would be dope both on old school and new school shapes
  • Yeah, we've been discussing his transition to pro from am. He's got a nice style and good bag of tricks and is a nice fit with the team. Everyone seems to like him here. I'm on board, let's get him a pro model. Let's see some possible graphic ideas. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller, Bueller...
  • YES....a graphic that portrays george as a giant human ATM machine that spits out decks instead of dollars.
  • or......how about a giant skeleton holding the plantet earth in his palm??

    "George Powell Pro Model" spelled out in bones..

    all VCJ like...lol
  • Just the Powell Logo. Like one of the late 70's decks.
  • How about George with the owners of all the skate companies Powell has crushed (due to being awesome!) under his foot decaying and all VJC like!
  • @noskool: you'd probably need something bigger than a skateboard for that :-)
  • how about make him look like a super hero with the powell logo on his chest,bones swiss shield and have him on top of a rat and it should be a birthday gift
  • Bill or have him flying in on a Winged Dragon. Plus he should have the Ripper coming out of his chest, the Swiss logo while very cool would make him look like Sven the Swiss Superhero:)
  • yea the dragon idea is dope too
  • What about the ripper giving the finger with a speech bubble above him saying "Where Baaack!!"
  • Boner I like that!
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