Wanted decks-Vallely/Cab
  • While we're waiting on new catalog.....wondered if anybody has some of the decks I'm looking for....

    Vallely reissue: Dark Green, White, Dark Brown
    Caballero full dragon reissue: White, Black??
    Caballero dragon/bats reissue: Black(Have the light blue, was there more?)
    Looking for mint...
    Thanks for any info,leads
  • i currently own a white cab full drag....i had to go to ebay for it.:(
  • i have 2 lime green vallely decks.. not selling em though.
  • Seen a few here and there, but missed out.I have the lime green...probably my favorite colorway so far.
  • i love my lime vallely...autographed on the top by mike.
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