new sizes shapes for mini logo
  • Hello Everyone,

    I saw the new mini-logo K-15 8.5" deck on the website yesterday. Same shape and dimensions as the blue pool light ripper, and for only $33.00. I'll pick up a couple of those.

  • the new graphic looks like a repeat of a graphic from a few years back but in the end it doesnt matter
  • This is exactly what I have been wanting. 8.5 with 15 wb and the right price. Cant wait to get one.
  • Awesome. I was just thinking of picking up a Mini-Logo deck a few days ago from the SkateOne store. Glad I waited 'cause I like the new straight smaller graphic better than the angled larger one.
  • Hello Everyone,

    I picked up a green K-15 8.5 mini-logo deck with grip last week. I skated the other night in the parking garage of a local medical center, and I was impressed with my first run on this deck. The concave is deep and seems to have some rieal crisp pop to it on ollies. I recently had a bacon 8.5 deck that liked, and then an MRD 8.5 inch deck. The bacon was real nice but I snapped the tail going off a four stair. The MRD just didn't seem to stay stiff and poppy for long. The mini log feels a bit more stiff than either of my previouse decks and it feels solid, like it will last. Maybe it is my head, but my last few mini-logo lasted for quite a long time.


    p.s. I'll post some pictures of my set up, soon
  • because powell is the shiznit but u should know that already
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