more requests........
  • do more kelly green shirts
    more chrome stickers
    powell socks
    powell shorts
    cab guitar dragon re-issue on a modern street shape
    powell quilt/pillow cases
    powell shoe laces
  • and the ripper and sword and skeleton on modern street shapes maybe do a background color series
  • see post on OLD SCHOOL CAB GRAPHICS... That board he's riding
    @ the ProTec pool Party looks sweet!
  • it isnt a old school graphic it is from the early 90s but i guess u could consider it old school if u want to be tech about it
  • oh yea nm i just wanted to make it more of a serious request
  • it might be out there somewhere but i would like to see a mcgill with the snakeskin background in a bottlenose re issue and a modern shape.
  • George Powell alluded to possibly manufacturing trucks in
    a Concrete Wave interview: I'd love a set that's kind of a
    combination of the new Aces/Old Indys, along w/the precision
    pool trucks RocknRon was making w/true 8mm axles - w/old
    school holes in the hangers... I'm currently running some
    Ace 66 hangers w/an older stage Indy 169 baseplate, bones hard
    bushings on my pool board, and am digging it alot - though the
    made in china Aces grind through a whole lot faster than Indys,
    cheaper metal, I guess (I see on other forums this seems to be a
    common complaint)
  • alot of trucks are made overseas
  • Indy (venture), Tracker (Orion), Randal, Navigator, Gullwing
    all still Made In USA (so far) - makes a difference in quality if
    you ask me. Canadian Maple's the righteous wood, no doubt.
    But in all honesty, the 3 personal experiences I've had w/sk8product
    made in China, including 1 set o' Bones Reds bearings & a very
    warped Black Label deck, along w/the Aces, have been embarrassing,
    weak, and substandard.

    Please stay in Santa Barbara, Powell.
  • element,black label,popwar,girl,chocolate,world industries,almost,darkstar,blind,enjoi,stereo are the main chinese brands im not TOO sure on the label and stereo but since giant dist does chinese wood i wouldnt be the least bit surprised

    if powell ever got made in china i wouldnt know what to do lol but they wont ever do that.
  • and u are right because the ppl overseas dont have a craft in skateboard making and the boards are in the ocean for days until they arrive here and u know how wood can be when there is moisture on or around it
  • blacklabel isnt made in china, its made in southern california, that one city by anehiem...i can't think of what city hahaha.
  • they dont have the made in usa stamp either....
  • hey when will the positiv shirts be available! i would really like a black one with that green positiv logo!!
  • no Positive are gonna be made. sorry bud.
  • yea alien workshop made a pillowcase a few months ago i think one with a big triple p with the words powell skateboards underneath it would be banging!
  • Mcgill snakeskin og spoon shape
    ripper on og shape with hips
    skull and sword on og shape with hips
    hawk skull and cross and claw.. bottle nose (full)
    Tommy G flamming dagger
    Vallely barnyard
    mullen chess deck on modern pop
    mountian crest
  • best case scenario would be a mullen chess graphic on a modern popsicle shape 8.5 wide. i dont like popsicles but even i would skate that.
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