Old School Skateboard Stores in Buffalo, NY or near State College, Pennsylvania
  • I am a Canadian, who will be going to Woodward, Pennsylvania very soon. I was wondering if any one knew of any good skateboard stores that had a good selection of the Powell - Peralata and Santa Cruz old school re-issue boards in either Buffalo, NY or near State College, Pennsylvania. I need to stock up on some P&P and wheels decks for the coming summer!

    If you could, please provide the full address, phone number and website addresses of any stores any of you may suggest. This will make it easier for me to find the stores on my GPS.

    Thanks for all your help!
  • try the dealer locators on the websites
  • Thanks! I think that feature of the skateone website has been removed. I was actually looking for it before I made post.
  • ur welcome and yea i dont see it either but u can always email them and ask them!
  • the D.L. is down. we are trying to update it as fast as possible. sorry for the inconvenience
  • the D.L. is up and running. sorry again

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