• very nice this is in nc right
  • Yep NC
  • beautiful piece of work
  • noskool is that yours??? pretty awesome.. nice job.
  • wow how long did it take?
  • nosky, what are the plans for protection? I live down here in sc and we have a bowl and have tried everything. Rain is a killer. Constant layer replacement and we need 65 sheets each time. What are your plans??
  • industrial strength hair dryer (space balls)
  • Nick, it is not mine, it's a buddy who lives 5 minuets away. Albright, it is birch with 4 layers of spar on it, and under the birch is a layer of tar paper that added noise damp and moisture protection. The ramp was started in Feb and finished end of April. It is raised off the ground about 6 inches where the ladder is and 3 ft on the diagonal corner from there. It has moisture barrier underneath and is all treated lumber and ply. The four layers of Spar Urethane also adds the advantage of UV protection. The ramp is 20 feet wide, 4 foot decks, and around 9-10 feet of flat.
  • We also have a nice trap system to cover it with. We are thinking of tenting the whole thing so we can skate if it rains, ramp under the big top! Her are some construction shots so you can see how over built this thing is!
    You can see in that last one how many support 2x4's we used!
  • pretty sweet. i'm jealous :)
  • Damn noskool, that's a work of art! I live in South Texas, rain isn't really a problem, it's the heat & humidity that can kill!
  • Very nice, looks like fun!
  • Just finished watching Police Academy 4 "Citizens on Patrol" Ah the 80's, those were some good times my friends good times... Be nice to see the Bones Brigade reunite. At least for FANS SAKE!!
  • So the tarp system and spar protection were not holding up well. So my buddy sprung for Skatelite Pro and we spent the weekend re covering the ramp. Damn that stuff rides great!
  • Very Nice Ramp!!! Have to agree with DaRule. Its been so hot and humid here in South Texas especially these past few days.
  • looks like xgames quality but with better transition
  • yeah yeah..the ramp is awesome and im totally jelous its not in my back yard.. but, my favorite part is the staggered stone path. if your really good you could tic tac back n fourth from the house to the ramp. post some pics of that and il be impressed. :)
  • yeah I want him to build a snake run into the ramp!
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