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    New Deck. 5 ply with Bamboo top, middle and bottom layers.

    After a few sessions of skating. Held up great so far. Light and very stiff with nice pop.
  • Cool bro... bamboo, wow! Sounds like the best of both worlds. Light & tough as hell! Always nice to see a variety of shred sticks..!
  • yeah plus it easier and quicker to grow so it's less taxing on the enviro
  • Very cool, I'd like to try bamboo.
  • You can check them out on Face book http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cary-NC/DarkSide/273263138811?v=wall&ref=ts It is a company I skate for. This is the first run of decks and they came out sick. The graphics are a lot of skulls and some dragons coming soon. The owner and artist stuff has a very VCJ feel to it, that's why I dig it so much.
  • "The owner and artist stuff has a very VCJ feel to it..."

    Sorry, I don't see it. But you know what they say about opinions...
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